cities to visit


This town was once the capital of Bali. (Singa = Lion and Raja = King). Shopping in local shops and the market is a special experience. The town has several hospitals, pharmacies, and banks with ATM facilities. There is also a large local food market which is a must to visit in the early hours of the morning. There are also two Hardy stores which stock almost everything for your everyday shopping needs. This town is a 15 kilometer drive West from the Villa.


Is a 10 kilometer drive West from Singaraja or a 30 kilometer drive from the Villa. Lovina has a nice beach and is considered to be the place for tourists when visiting the North of Bali. There are nice bars and cozy restaurants. It is also is a good site for dolphins, snorkeling and fishing which is also discussed below.


Is considered to be the cultural capital of Bali. The town boasts a rich tradition in Balinese painting and other art forms. Various artisan villages are dotted around Ubud and traditional dances are staged in the town itself. Also well-known for its woodcarving. There is a big market where you can buy a lot of souvenirs. Look for good bargains. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices down. Ubud is a drive back to the center of Bali and here you can combine this trip with other attractions such as the Elephant Park, the Monkey Forest, etc.


Many people flying into Denpasar may wish to stay over in Kuta for a night or two on the way in or on the way out. Kuta is a lovely area to visit with it’s beautiful beaches, its many, many shops and a great night life with many restaurants.