staff and services

Welcome to Bali. You’re about to begin a holiday you will never forget.
No cooking, no cleaning, no doing laundry or ironing…

When you arrive at the villa you will be greeted by our friendly Staff and they will most likely provide you with a welcome drink, help you unload, show you the Villa and explain how the equipment and the vault works, etc. In addition they will want to know your wishes for dinner, preferred times, etc., to be sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

KADEK AYU PUSPITA is the manager of the villa. She will be in the villa on a regular basis and will hand you her mobile phone number in case there are emergency situations or matters from your side that cannot be handled by the staff.

The villa is serviced by three full time English speaking Balinese employees and if necessary additional staff is hired for larger groups. In addition our driver, Kadek Parwata, is subcontracted, owns his own people carrier and can be contracted to do your driving for a fee to be agreed between you and him in advance. Everyone will be keen to serve you, and always with a smile:

  • Putu Widarni takes care of cooking as well as cleaning; she will make your tasty, local Indonesian dishes. She also washes the dishes and ensures that Bali Villa Dunia Seni is cleaned on a daily basis. Clean towels and bedding is provided for and exchanged on a regular basis. She takes also care of your laundry. If you wish to eat after 7pm, they will prepare the meal and then leave it for the guests to heat, using the oven or microwave provided.
  • Putu Sumada is the gardener; he takes care of the swimming pool as well as the gardening, watering and also does small maintenance jobs.
  • Kadek Sudiarsa is the security guard; starting at 19:30 hours he is there until 5.30  hours in the morning to enhance the safety and the security of the Guests and the Villa.

For people wishing privacy, you simply need to inform the staff and this will be respected for the periods requested. In addition if you may wish to do your own cooking, simply discuss this with our Cook. The servants all live relatively close to the villa  and they normally go home at 6.30pm. They do not eat nor sleep at the villa.

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There is a special room with a massage table available in our villa. If you want, arrangements can be made with Bali Samadhi Spa, who are professional masseuses trained by an Austrian specialist. Make an appointment one day in advance. Price lists are available at the villa. Simply put in your request to Putu Widarni she will arrange for the appointment. Rates are very reasonable.
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