other modes of transport

getting_there_05One is encouraged to think about planning for the transportation for the rest of your visit. The cost for transportation is on the account of the guest.

The best option is to make additional arrangements with our driver who picks you up from the airport. The driver can be hired privately to enable you to participate in excursions and activities discussed under attractions. He can be hired on a full time basis for your complete stay or just ad hoc – as you need him. His daily rates are IDR 800.000 per day (about € 50) for a full day tour. Gas and insurance is on the account of the driver.
It is also possible to rent a car or a motorcycle. However bear in mind that Indonesians drive on the left side of the road, the traffic is often very hectic and chaotic. An international driver license is required.
Motor cycle scooters (125cc) are available for rental – automatic as well as manual gears. Rider is required to wear a helmet. Cost is approximately about €6 a day plus gasoline which costs about IDR 10.000 per liter (€ 0.66). Should you wish to rent a motor cycle or scooter then please ask our manager and he will help you to make the arrangements.
Cars may be rented for reasonable prices but then the challenge is to know the roads which are not very well marked nor mapped. If you still wish to rent a car, the best way is to make your own arrangements via the Internet and then pick up the rental car while still in Kuta or Denpasar which is close to the airport.