The average daytime temperature is 28° Celsius and the average night time temperature is 22° Celsius, usually pleasant with some light winds. The sea surface temperature is relatively unchanged at 28° Celsius. Bali has only two seasons – a dry season and a wet season. The dry season runs from April to November for 8 months. The wet season is characterized by short, heavy burst of rainfall (Monsoon) from December to March for 4 months. Most of the rain fall at night.


  • BALINESE HINDUISM – The religious affiliation is Balinese Hinduism, which combines Balinese religious rituals and Hindu beliefs. The island has thousands of temples, where unique processions are held. The Balinese people consider it an honor to see guests at their procession. Please remember to ask permission first before filming or photographing a procession.
  • BALINESE CUSTOMS – The culture and customs in Bali are quite different from our Western customs. Visitors to a temple are expected to wear a sarong and a selendang around the waist. These items can usually be hired from the temples or available for purchases at the market stalls (which often surround the temples) for a reasonable price. Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the main temple itself. Women are not permitted to visit the temple during their menstrual period. Visitors are encouraged to make a small donation to contribute to the maintenance of the temple.
  • TEMPLES – Each village has at least three temples. Temples can be found at road junctions, on hilltops, mountains and each living compound has its own house temple or offerings. Our villa has been consecrated in 2008 entirely according to Balinese customs. We have house temples for the daily presentation of offerings. Each morning and evening, banana leaf offering baskets are placed outside the temple. The offering contains burning incense, pieces of bread, rice, coffee and flowers. These offerings are intended to appease the gods and ward off evil spirits.